MSE- Master of Science in Engineering

The practically-oriented MSE Master’s degree course in SUPSI is designed for students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree with a very good grade in the fields of engineering sciences and information technology and offers students a wide range of options.

To custom-design your MSE course in SUPSI, you should:

  • Select theory modules to supplement your main topic knowledge.

The study is composed of 90 credits (ECTS), splitted in three parts. Roughly one third of the ECTS credits are awarded for theory modules at central locations in Lausanne and Zurich. A reduced range of theory modules are also offered in Bern and Lugano. The cooperation between the Universities of Applied Sciences means that some 85 theory modules can be provided in different disciplines. The theory modules are taught by lecturers from all over Switzerland and attended by students from throughout the country. Each theory module is equivalent to three ECTS credits. There are three categories of theory module. You will find the module descriptions here.

Two third of the ECTS credits are composed of modules related to the specialization (30 ECTS) and a Master thesis (27 ECTS).

Full-time solution:

Part-time solution: